Wat is the common remark from both streamers and the chat users when something unusual happens.

what? = wat

!German Fact Alert!

Most of you dont know it, but in the "dialect" Ruhrpottdeutsch that MeFirst speaks you also say wat instead of was (what in german). What the fuck is ruhrpottdeutsch?!

The local dialect of German commonly called Ruhrdeutsch or Ruhrpottdeutsch, although there is really no uniform dialect that justifies designation as a single dialect. It is rather a working class sociolect with influences from the various dialects found in the area and changing even with the professions of the workers. A major common influence stems from the coal mining tradition of the area. For example, quite a few locals prefer to call the Ruhr either "Ruhrpott", where "Pott" is a derivate of "Pütt" (pitmen's term for mine; cp. the English "pit"), or "Revier".