Turkosaur being classy

Turkosaur, is a pet and a close friend of Turko.

History of creation:

While Turko was busy fighting, or rather failing at fighting, alongside his brother Turok. Somewhere in Germany a velociraptor was being used for freak experiments. After being exposed to equal doses of DOSH, german beer, sauerkraut and Energy X, he was somehow teleported into the world of Turok, and almost shot to death by the protagonist of the world. Turko stopped his brother and hugged this seemingly intelligent, albeit slightly drunk dinosaur who kept screaming "Ich bin 12 und was ist das".

And thus, befriended by Turko, TURKOSAUR was born. Defender of the weak and stupid. And opener of doors!

Powers of the Turkosaur:

After confronting the creator of Turkosaur. one Dr. MeFirst (phd in RAGE!) he put it simply.

'It's a dinousaur who can shoot lighting and fuck, jaa?"

Games with TurkosaurEdit

Right now the only game that features Turkosaur as a character is Freedom Force VS The Third Reich, which is also the Origin of the character. But who knows which games will feature him in the future?