Safety Man


"Fuck You, I'm Safety Man!"

"Safety Man" is a mascot of VidyaVidya created by DJ Ace Of Spades in Saints Row 2. He was originally inspired when he unlocked the pylon cone hat for the car surfing gold star challenge.

Safety man had a hard life. He was originally a reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln, but after coming to the realization that he could never live up to the original Abe, he turned to the life of becoming a professional hitman and developed a severe case of alcoholism.

Safety man has his own gang called the Saints. Many of the members of this gang wear black and purple ninja outfits. These ninjas are commonly refered to as "Caution Ninjas".

Soon after his career as a professional hitman fell through, he took up a life of crime in running the gang "The Saints" in the city of Stillwater. After conqerering the three gangs of Stillwater, "The Brotherhood", "The Sons Of Samdi" and "The Ronin", Safety man had to find a new job as a crossing guard. Now he can be seen cruising around Stillwater with a 40 and some blunts, hitting on random old ladies with his foam finger, referred to as "The Pimpslap". No one knows how he acquired this weapon, they say it was an import.

Safety man is coming out a with a new album, Shotgun the Protesters, with a track list that gets longer all the time.

Shotgun the Protesters

  • 1. That Just Ain't Fucking Safe
  • 2. Skateboarders and Satchel Bombs
  • 3. Colored Prostitutes
  • 4. My Heart Will Be Safe
  • 5. My Legs, I've Broken Them
  • 6. I Come From a Land that's Unsafe
  • 7. Safety Dance (cover)

Famous Quotes

"Fuck you, I'm safety man!"

"Suck my Dick, I'm Safety man!"

"Fuck! Safety!"