General Information

Niravil is a devious internet troll who spends all his time trying to eliminate stream competition on the internet. It turns out he is the split personality of Dman, the person who runs the DeepGamers stream.
Mobile troll (niravil)

Dman when he transforms into Niravil


Niravil applied for a streamer position at Vidya² in the late fall of 2009. He seemed like a pretty legit guy who liked to play super monkey ball and bomberman. However soon after he was hired crazy stuff started to happen around Vidya². Files were getting deleted, lewd intermissions were getting cued up, and innocent viewers were getting banned for no reason. The tension placed on the Vidya² community caused the Great Schism wherein many viewers and streamers of Vidya² [at the time] left. After the forums had gotten deleted, our glorious leader m00sician checked the logs and saw that Niravil had done it. Putting two and two together it was deduced that Niravil was the schizophrenic evil personality of Dman who was trying to sabotage Vidya². He was promptly kicked out and the stream community was rebuilt by the end of winter.