Some random troll who has been around since the beginning of v2. Nobody knows who he is or where he came from. He lurks all day, posting random links, sometimes bad, sometimes good. m00 apparently has him on some kind of leash, bringing up the question of just what service he supposedly provides v2. When livestream activated required logins he changed his name to Masterbadger. Also he's a creepy furfag (No longer true)....and he apparently knows random personal information from everyone in v2 (he doesnt have shit on NaruZap because he doesnt zap with no furries).



Confirmed Names: TheMaster, BIGTIMEcalmjoe, Necrobadger, Necrobadger2, TheMasterBadger, TheTallman, Shadow_WaIker (If anyone knows his name from m00's first site, please fill it in here)