Hire date: March 12th, 2012.

"An awesome friend and great streamer :D" -cris1r

A Bee and not just any kind of be a Minty Bee to be exact who is known famout for his many shenanigans and crazy antics in the V2 community, a bro among bros.

(more to cum)


:D the game





Games completed: Megaman Legends, Megaman Legends 2, Wild Arms, Dead Space 2, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Offspring Fling,

While Mintybees has accomplished as series of 24 hours, his most latest one was on Tue, August 21 2012, 2am – 2pm. It came as a bit of an unschudeled event and eventually drove Minty itno maddess.

Sweet, sweet maddness.

Minty also crafted TF2 rare item "Bill's Hat" into an untradable medic robe on stream, causing a plethora of reactions amongst the viewers, such as rage, hilarity and people having mental breakdowns and curling into a fetal position. He justified his actions saying "It's just a virtual item, guys", basically giving a big Fuck You to whoever takes videogames too seriously. He is a true hero for this.