General Information

[XxX]Meik[XxX] A.K.A XxXAlienWareXxX is an ex-viewer of V² who was notorious for making multiple user accounts with XxX in the name and for praising alienware to high heaven. A lot of people disliked him because he was too clingy and liked to RP gay sex with the streamers (on the left). He dressed like a hipster and loved going on trips to New York City. He was also an artfag who thought his pictures were soulful.

BeexMeik by frosting

Meik's sick fantasy (drawn by Frosting)


Meik was permabanned by the mods during the end of summer 2010. He then tried to troll by making EXACTLY 63 accounts and posting in the stream chat. He finally gave up because he might have realized what a dick he was being.

Xxx meik

Meik's head on a babby