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DJ Ace Of Spades

DJ Ace Of Spades is a streamer that was hired to VidyaVidya, in March 2010.

He is known for bleaching his hands and being Canadian. He is known for creating multiple V2 memes such as Pizza Time, and one of V2's prime mascots, "Safety Man".

He's generally friendly, and pretty damn loopy from writing this article after finishing his first 24 hour stream. So don't expect this article to be too damn fancy.

He completed his first 24 Hour stream on 10/10/10 - 11/10/10

He has been known to be very friendly to most people in V2. Except for trolls.


Ban Hammer Status: Mostly Shiny


"Fuck You!, I'm safety man!"

"Note to self, Never trust family friends."

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AX 2008 - Bleach cosplay

Not to be confused with the kids cartoon also called Bleach.

Do not use bleach if you've burned your hands on poison ivy.