Comix ZoneEdit

Comix Zone is a Video Game released in 1995 for the SEGA Genesis aka Mega Drive. The game is a basically a pretty simple Beat´em up which takes place in a comic drawn world.


The Plot is pretty simple. A useless comic artist gets too high on drugs and thinks he is actually in his own comic and being chased and hunted by monsters that his self created arch enemy randomly draws right into his face to kick the shit outta him. Oh and you also have a rat and a tsundere comic girl as sidekicks.

The Gameplay.Edit

Expect to die a lot. Everything in this game will take your health away, even beating up crates and shit. When you dont fight monsters you are busy beating up solid stones and metal with your BEAR HANDS which will also take your health points away. Exept of dying a lot the game feautres only a single extra life for each level you complete. When you die two times in a level you are DED, no continue, no hope no fucking mercy.

Streamers who streamed it.Edit



Kung Fu Intermission. An intermission which shows the last boss of the game being stuck kicking from the hip over and over while "Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting" is played.