Chocobo's Dungeon was released in YEAR for the CONSOLE. ADDITIONAL GAME INFORMATION IS REQUIRED.


In SUMMER of 20XX T3tsuya streamed Chocobo's Dungeon 2 durring a 24 hour stream. The stream contained several hours of the games introduction and as many as a few minutes of game play. Durring game play T3t played several mini games and a few game levels before giving up. The game was met with mixed reviews by v2 viewes.


The game contains Moogles, a fictional race of bipedal cats with bat wings. The moogles are named romantic hero X, dungeon hero X, etc. and they end statements with kupo. Viewer Ferryl was inspired by the game that he vowed to borrow the moogles' trademark kupo until T3t finishes the game. T3t hasn't streamed it since and has no plans to ever do so again.

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