A longtime viewer, he was hired as streamer in October 2011 after nicely asking Moe to possibly allow him to make the double stream a little bit more active, and perhaps also fill in on the main stream every now and then if there is nobody around, mostly because of his refusal to reveal his robotic voice and hence not talking. To make up for the lack of commentary, however, he is one of very few streamers who is actually GOOD AT GAMES. I know, right? He also shows episodes of GameCenter CX every Friday and Saturday.

He enjoys participating in sessions of Killing Floor, Team Fortress 2 and other multiplayer PC games. When he is around, it is generally to be expected that he will be the highest scoring player in the game, much to the dismay of certain viewers.

He also frequently offers advice and tips to the other streamers, due to having played many of the streamed games himself.