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The Admiral (aka Admiral Akbar) Is a current ex-streamer for VidyaVidya and joined the team in Early 2010 and was part of the British Triforce of Streamers, along with SPAHCRAB and Pika


Admiral is also one of the few streamers to successfully complete a 24 Hour Stream, though towards the end he was irritated and confused, mostly due to Dino Crisis 3

He can usually be found lurking around chat and streams when no one else does. With a classy British accent and occasional erratic personality he streams everything from retro classics to modern games and is a big fan of the Metal Gear and Resident Evil series.


Admiral had a big propensity to get into fights with other streamers constantly and to be a hothead. Also because he was in charge of the autopilot (a volunteer position) he completely monopolized it and would become irate whenever somebody even attempted to upload a video he didn't like. He held himself to a higher standard than everybody else and was arrogant. His hubris may have been his downfall. He was fired in May 2011.

"Congratulations for becoming the second meik." ~m00sician